Hi @Tejas Khoday @Vanshika Singh @FYERS @Anirban Kanrar 

I have been using Fyers for almost an year now, primarily because of the 30 day challenge.

Recently I experienced certain discrepancies/concerns as highlighted below

  1. Inadequate brokerage refund credited (~1800) instead of (5,000) in lieu of my last challenge (Mar-Apr 2022)
  2. Unable to view my challenges prior to the last one
  3. Unable to view my ledger and gross P&L for FY21
  4. Despite multiple attempts for seeking support through customer care, couldn't receive a satisfactory response

I'm a double hattrick winner, halfway to my veteran badge and such user experience (especially from a brokerage firm) would certainly bring the trust in Fyers, for me and other valued clients in question.

Hope this gets resolved at the earliest.


Diligent Investor