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Introducing Options Trading on TradingView

We are thrilled to announce a major enhancement to our trading platform: Fyers has now integrated with TradingView to allow option trading. This integration allows Fyers' users to trade options seamlessly from the TradingView platforms, bringing together the best of both worlds. Whether you're a seasoned options trader or just starting out, this new feature opens up a world of possibilities.

How can Fyers' users access option trading on TradingView?

1. Begin by logging onto your TradingView account.

2. From the trading panel, select Fyers as your broker.

3. Choose the options contracts you want to trade.

4. You’re all set to trade options directly from the TradingView platform.

Here's a video that takes you through the steps mentioned above.

However, please be aware that the features available on TradingView depends on the subscription plan you have chosen. A free account offers limited functionality compared to the extensive features provided by paid plans. Users have the option to upgrade to TradingView Pro to access a wider range of features.Irrespective of the plan you pick, you can connect your TradingView and Fyers account to experience seamless option trading.

How to place an order on TradingView for options trading?

Now that you are aware of how to link your Fyers account with TradingView, let's see how you could place an order on TradingView for options trading. Here's a video that makes it simpler for you.

Various asset classes available for options trading on TradingView through Fyers

You could trade in equity and indices futures & options and commodities futures on TradingView with Fyers as your broker. All of TradingView's customizable layouts, charts and tools are available for you to use.


Ready to elevate your trading game? Open an account with Fyers today and experience the convenience of trading options directly from TradingView. Unlock advanced features, join a community of successful traders and enjoy trading that is truly simplified with us.


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