Community Guidelines

To create a healthy environment for traders & investors to exchange knowledge and harness the benefits of the community at large, here are a few basic guidelines to follow:

  1. Be clear in your communication to help others understand you better.
  2. Tag only the most relevant topics in your posts. It'll help keep feeds clean.
  3. Be respectful to others even if you disagree with them.
  4. Avoid support related queries. For that, you can visit our Support Portal.
  5. Avoid promotional activities e.g links to promote vested interests etc.
  6. Don't encourage trading/investing tips or unsolicited advice from anyone. If anyone is doing so, please report them so that the moderation team can look into it.

Self-moderation is the first step to making sure that we have quality interactions here. The next best thing to do is to remind others to do the same whenever necessary :). 

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