Introducing FYERS Community

I’m happy to announce the introduction of FYERS Community which enables traders & investors to have quality discussions about all things related to the capital markets. At FYERS, we’ve always felt that traders need an organized space where they can interact about the stock markets, exchange knowledge and information to help each other out. Currently, this happens on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram & Facebook but it’s not customized for detailed/insightful discussions and thus, they are limited in scope. To overcome this, we have launched our community platform which is the equivalent of a mini social network and forum for traders. Let’s compare its scope against social networking sites to give you an idea.


Discussions on Twitter Vs FYERS Community:

  • While most traders prefer to use Twitter to give their opinion about things including stocks, trading, etc., it isn’t ideal for detailed, in-depth discussions so it becomes difficult to stick to a particular topic beyond a point. While Twitter is meant for bite-sized communication, our community is meant for more elaborate and continuous interactions among various people on any given topic. Users can join and resume topic-specific discussions that were previously started by other users. For instance, let’s say to discuss Bank Nifty you published a post on Twitter. The initial pickup in engagements can be high but the post ages fast and after a while, users stop interacting with it. To re-initiate a discussion, you’ll need to re-start all over again. However, in our community discussions can flow easily and will be strictly focused on the chosen topic/s so there will be a continuous trail of replies relevant to the topic.
  • While you can follow user profiles on Twitter, FYERS Community allows you to follow topics, collections (group of topics) and users too. That way, you can easily stay tuned with what you’re interested in. Since users are scored by their activities & badges, it will be easy to know, it makes the process of selection more objective.


Discussions on Telegram/Facebook Groups Vs FYERS Community

  • While Telegram & Facebook have features for group level discussions, it becomes difficult to stay on the topic when the number of participants and interactions increase beyond a point. The group interactions become cluttered with repeated queries, confusions and most group members can’t keep up with what’s happening. On the other hand, FYERS community enables you to follow N number of topics where discussions are specific to the chosen topics that are organized very effectively and in a simple manner. You can follow & interact with users accordingly. It is more organized and to the point. You can also unfollow topics and yet stay in the community to interact with the same users on other topics.
  • FYERS Community has social media features such as buttons, commenting, user scoring etc. that are very useful to keep the interactions engaging among members. It is easy to pick and choose what you are looking for and ignore what you aren’t interested in. There is also a lot more information that you can reference to on our platform that will help you find answers quickly. 


Some Useful Features

  1. Ask questions and tag the topics so it can reach users that can help you out. 
  2. Create a descriptive profile. Upload a profile picture, cover photo and link your social media handles. 
  3. Follow topics, collections (group of topics) and users based on your interests.
  4. Get an idea of when user/s were last active, learn about their contribution.
  5. You can build or follow users based on the reputation earned on the platform. 
  6. Sort by recent activities, discussions, questions, blogs etc.
  7. Report posts if you find them to be poorly written, spammy, against Terms of use etc. 
  8. Check a user’s expertise & posts before following them. 
  9. Get a customized home feed based on your preferences.
  10. Get relevant on-site and email notifications. 


Adding Value: We have a symbiotic relationship with the retail trading/investing community in India. Over the years, we’ve developed a bond with thousands of active market participants. While responding to our audience across social media platforms and blogs, we’ve had a strong desire to set up an organized community forum for everyone to interact with each other, exchange knowledge, share expertise, etc. As the host, we will moderate the content on FYERS Community and try to keep it as relevant and updated as possible. I’m sure that with your feedback, we’ll be able to do a good job of it. Also, the comments section on Brainstorm & School Of Stocks will be consolidated on the community to make it easier for us to respond and for you to get notifications. You can also initiate discussions about our platforms, features & suggestions. But please note that this is for discussion purposes only. For any customer support-related queries, visit our Support Portal

My team and I will be waiting for you on the platform. Sign up here with your social login if you don’t have to create a new ID & password. Let’s get started!  

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