Introducing Our New Back Office (Phase-1)

I’m happy to announce that we are live with a new back office! With nearly 4x growth in our client base during the last one year, we have taken a few measures to ensure that we can effectively deal with the growing customers and business requirements at FYERS. The new setup has resolved some issues we were facing with the previous version. Here are some noteworthy upgrades in the new back office:

  1. Universal Login – If you login to your FYERS account, you can access back-office directly. You no longer need to login separately.

  2. UPI payments are integrated alongside the existing payment gateway. We will post more about this in a separate post on the notice board.

  3. A simpler user experience. Yes, it could be better, but it’s a start 😊.

  4. The report format is made simpler to understand.

  5. The homepage has a segment-wise snapshot of funds.

  6. Access to Equities, Currencies (NSE, BSE) and Commodities segment at one place under the “Smart” Tab.

  7. Segment-wise trade details through Global & Global Details Tab.

  8. You can download Contract Notes & Margin statements through “Bills & Contracts” Tab.

  9. Get details of collaterals.

  10. Pay-In & Pay-out requests are made simpler.

How to access the new back office: You can access it here.

With this update, we estimate that we will be able to handle our expanding operations without any delays. Account opening delays will be reduced and the 30 Day Challenge (discontinued w.e.f 23rd Jan 2023 👉 Notice) results will be published sooner each month. Please note that this is Phase-1 of the launch and as always, we will continue to refine our platform to make it most useful to our clients. We look forward to implementing Phase-2 in the near future. You can give us your feedback in the comments section below. I have kept this a bit short just to address the main points. If you feel I have missed out on something you can let me know and we’ll address your queries as soon as possible.

Happy Trading!

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