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Introducing Symbol Details: Your Ultimate Stock Analysis Guide.

Ever spent what feels like a lifetime hopping from one website to another, trying to piece together all the information about a specific stock?  Prices, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Geopolitical events, Quarterly Results, Corporate actions and the list goes on and on...

As traders, we understand that not being on top of everything causes us to miss opportunities and enter the wrong trades.

At FYERS, we knew that there MUST be a better way to access all this information in a single glance.

With that said, we're super excited to announce our game-changing feature :"Symbol Details" - The only place you ever need to be to access all the information about your next big stock idea!

FYERS symbol details are an integrated feature that gives you a holistic view of any stock at your fingertips. Whether you want to trade or invest in any stock, you can get all the information and insights you need to make informed decisions.

In this blog post, let's explore the Symbol details, how to access it, its features, and the list of benefits. So, let's get started!

What is Symbol Details?

Symbol Details feature is a powerful tool that lets you explore various aspects of any trading symbol, such as its about, scores, overview, technical analysis, fundamentals, research, similar companies, and related news.

How can you access Symbol Details?

You can use the Symbol details by hovering over any symbol card in FYERS Discover and clicking the pop-up icon. Alternatively, you can also use the global search function at the top to find your desired symbol.

Check out the GIFs below to know the process:

The first step is to open FYERS Discover via FYERS Web as shown below:


The second step is to select the symbol and hover over the symbol card to access Symbol Details as shown in the GIF below:

What are its features?

  • About

With this section, you can get a quick overview of the symbol, such as its nature of business, sector, industry, year of foundation, market cap, shareholding pattern, corporate actions, current price, change percentage, volume, and the exchange. Check out the GIF below for a quick insight:

  • Scores

This tab gives you a deeper analysis of the symbol based on scores, such as its SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and QVT (Quality, Valuation, and Technicals). By incorporating SWOT and QVT metrics into stock analysis, you can quickly assess a symbol's potential and performance. You can also see the detailed explanation for SWOT and QVT here.

See the GIF below to know more about the SCORES section:

  • Overview

This tab provides you with a visual representation of the symbol's performance over time using interactive trend charts. You can see the real-time prices and volume-related insights for the symbol, such as open, high, low, close, 52-week high-low, percentage change, and average price. You can adjust the period (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly), and charts will be updated accordingly.

Check out the GIF for a quick overview:


  • Fundamentals & Research

This tab gives you a comprehensive view of the fundamental aspects of the symbol based on key ratios, financials, and extensive research data. You can see the profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, growth, valuation, and dividend ratios for the symbol. You can also see the symbol's income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and quarterly results.

Get a better idea with the GIF below:


  • Technical Analysis

The symbol details feature additionally offers a variety of insights for technical analysis enthusiasts by providing access to our technical meter, moving averages, and other critical technical analysis indicators. You can see indicators like RSI (Relative Strength Index), ATR (Average True Range), MACD, and more. Here's a GIF showing a technical meter indicating buy/sell signal, moving averages and the list of indicators that you can track:


  • Similar Companies

This tab gives you a comparative analysis of the symbol with other similar companies in the same industry or sector. You can compare and see how the symbol ranks among its peers based on various parameters such as market cap, price-to-earnings ratio (PE), return on equity (ROE), etc.

Here's a GIF to show you more:


  • Related News

This tab gives you the latest news and updates related to a symbol. You can instantly see the headlines and snippets of the news articles from different sources to find out about the symbol/company. Check out the GIF for a quick overview.


What are the benefits of using Symbol Details?

SYMBOL Details is a one-stop solution for all your trading and investment needs. It helps you to:

  • Get a holistic view/360-degree view of any trading symbol in one place to make well-informed decisions.

  • Analyze various aspects of the trading symbol based on scores, Fundamentals and Research, Technicals, and more.

  • Compare key parameters of the symbol against its peers.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events related to the trading symbol.

  • Switch seamlessly between expand and collapse mode to view the details of the symbol selected.

  • Take quick actions based on your analysis and preferences.


Symbol Details isn't just a feature; it's a big shift in how you interact with trading data on FYERS. We strive towards enhancing your trading journey with each innovation, and this is a sample of many things to come.The Symbol Details feature offers a simplified dashboard for all traders and investors who want a holistic view of any trading symbol you wish to trade or invest in and provides insights to help you make investing decisions.

Ready to experience the Symbol Details? Open your account today!  

If you've been enjoying your experience with us and already have an account, do consider helping us expand by referring your friends and family here.

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