Introducing Trading APIs

In our continuous endeavor to improve our clients’ trading experience with us, we are glad to announce that we have introduced trading APIs for all our clients. Since our inception, FYERS has had a technology-first approach and our efforts in building a robust and technologically advanced platform differentiates us from the crowd in the stock market. Moreover, we are known for our capabilities in terms of the functionality and ease of our platform, smooth order execution and accuracy of the historical and real-time market data.

Since the commencement of algorithmic/programmatic trading, it has drawn attention from all strata of the trading fraternity because of its broad functionality and possibilities. However, retail traders in India have not been able to implement systematic trading properly for various reasons such as the lack of reliable APIs, bug-infested platforms and lack of proper infrastructure, documentation etc. Due to a combination of one or more such factors, implementing trading strategies and managing portfolios seamlessly has always been a major pain point.

We launched FYERS trading API mainly to address the requirements of the three focused groups, namely startups, serious Algo traders and third party platforms that aim to resolve problems faced by the trading community. We understand its a cumbersome task to build a technologically advanced order execution infrastructure in the capital market environment, due to various stringent regulatory requirements and especially for startups and new enterprises, as we went through the budding phase. Through FYERS trading API, you will be able to access our market-ready infrastructure without having to spend any money or set up a brokerage.   

With our Trading API,  you will be able to deploy your algorithmic trading strategies, build your own innovative trading platform or align your specific requirements and trading logic. You can build and develop your sophisticated platform/strategy and offer it to FYERS’ clients. While you focus on your core competency, we will deal with operational and regulatory requirements on your behalf. As a brokerage, we have the standard and efficient processes in place which are handled by an experienced and skilled team that we have developed over a period of time. We specialize in all operational aspects of the business such as regulatory compliance, account opening/KYC, depository participant (DP) operations, customer support etc. FYERS is a SEBI registered stockbroker and broking member of all the major exchanges in India. Hence, will have access to all the segments and contracts actively traded over the exchanges in India. Integrating with FYERS using our API will let you connect to the state of the art infrastructure and will facilitate in the real-time order executions and trading functionalities.

The next significant advantage of integrating with FYERS trading API is, our pricing. This offering is relatively new and in India generally, brokers that do offer it charge a bomb for this facility.  We have targeted our API solutions for serious users only who we believe will be active; therefore, you don’t have to pay any fees to access API. Our API is completely free of cost to our clients!

To integrate our API, you will need to be our client. If you’re not yet our client, you will need to open a Trading and Demat account with us here. You can read more about API integration related information and request access in FYERS API. It shall be approved in 1 working day after you fill the required for therein. You can read our detailed API documentation here.

We will be happy to enable your initiatives through our APIs. We look forward to creating magic together! All the very best. 

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