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Stop Scrolling, Start Finding: Our New Symbol Search is Here

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, staying ahead requires not just insight but the right tools at your fingertips. Recognizing this, we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking enhancement to our platform: the Symbol Search feature.

Our Symbol Search feature marks a big step up for our platform. We've improved how you search, making it easier and faster to find the stocks/F&O contracts/ETFs you want. With smarter search tools, you can quickly get to the symbols you're looking for, making your trading smoother. This update is more than just a tweak; it's a whole new way to give you an advantage in trading.

Where do you find the Improved Symbol Search feature?

This improved search feature is available on both - our mobile app and Web app. And is simple and opens up instantly as you type either on the web or the app interface.

How does the improved symbol search help you?

As a stock market trader or investor, you might have found it tricky to find the right symbol. As often, the symbol a company uses in the stock market isn't the same as its name.

For Eg: Varun Beverages Limited is the name of the company, but its symbol for stock markets is VBL-EQ. So, we at FYERS came up with this feature update for you to get to stock/index/future/ option chains quicker  and save precious moments of anxiety or loss of trade opportunities.

Important features of the improved symbol search

Deeper Search beyond symbols/ticker name

Our commitment to a richer search experience doesn't stop at ticker symbols. We have gone deeper, extending searches to include company profiles. This means that even if your search doesn't directly match a ticker or symbol, it can still map to the appropriate symbol through related company information. While not exhaustive of all company products/services, this feature significantly broadens the scope of your search, ensuring you're connected to a wealth of relevant investment opportunities.

For Ex: You might know about a popular brand- say Maggi and may be interested in investing in the company that the brand belongs to. But what if you don't know which company this brand belongs to? On typing Maggi in our search bar, the smart search result will throw up the relevant company - Nestle for you.
(This feature is in development phase and it might not show up the exact company results for all brand names. Please exercise adequate caution in ascertaining the correctness of the company name before placing a trade)

Fuzzy Matching

Typos are no longer a roadblock in your search for the right stock. With Fuzzy Matching, even misspelled words are intelligently mapped to the closest correct terms. This feature ensures that a simple spelling mistake doesn't keep you from the insights and opportunities you seek.

For Ex: As shown in the image below, even on misspelling Nifty as Nfty, the search bar throws up the possible right options for you to select.

Prioritized Result Sorting

We understand the dynamic nature of trading, our search results for future & option contracts are now sorted based on multiple parameters such as volume, time to expiry, etc.This prioritization enables quicker access to the symbols you're most interested in, streamlining your decision-making process.

Dynamic Default View

We've upgraded your search experience. Now, even without typing anything, you'll see a helpful overview of big stock indices and other important financial details right away. This gives you a quick look at the market and encourages you to explore more, easily.

These features are more than just enhancements; they represent a leap towards a more intuitive, efficient, and accessible trading experience for our users. Welcome to the future of trading, where your search ends, and discovery begins.

At FYERS, we stand true to our motto 'TradingSimplified' which means we make trading easy and straightforward for everyone. Our latest updates prove how committed we are to this idea, making every step simple. We invite you to be a part of the future of trading by opening your FYERS account today and experience TradingSimplified in the true sense.

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