The Journey to 100,000 Happy Customers!

I’m delighted to inform you that FYERS has surpassed 100,000 happy customers today! The last few years have been an incredible journey for our entire team. It’s been a very enriching experience as we’ve learned how to start-up, scale-up, and most importantly, how not to blow-up! In the era of funded startups and VC-dependent entrepreneurs, our journey so far has been a stark contrast to the prevailing trend since we chose to grow in an organic & sustainable way.

While I was employed at different companies before FYERS, I used to regularly daydream about enabling retail investors with modern-day platforms and imagined that it would have a positive impact on their approach to trading/investing. After quitting our jobs, my team and I decided to plunge into it headfirst. To most people, it came as a surprise when NSE & SEBI approved our application despite us being the youngest and perhaps the unlikeliest of candidates to acquire a broking license. Back then, we were a bunch of young dudes in our 20s working from a tiny 200 sq. ft room with barely any working capital. Since we are bootstrapped, burning money was out of the question. Ultimately, we had to pay the bills & finance our own growth. In hindsight, the risk of failure helped us learn the tricks of the trade better, manage risk more prudently and focus on what we do best. 

Our vision was to help retail investors by giving them access to better products & services rather than dishing out trading tips or unsolicited advice; something that most brokers are known for. We deliberately avoided this path and other activities which give rise to a conflict of interest with clients and chose to focus on the low-yielding transactions business instead. Our personal touch with the trading community & the persistent feedback of our early customers has helped us understand the requirements well, build a solid team to launch products, and eventually surpass this milestone. 

On behalf of our 250 member team at FYERS, I take this opportunity to thank all our customers for putting their faith in us. It means the world to us and is a motivation for us to continue working round the clock to effectively cater to your growing needs as investors. This wouldn’t have been possible without your patronage. We’ll ensure that your experience with us will be at a higher altitude in the future. 

Thanks & Cheers! 🍻

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