Does fyers have any plan to introduced Expired Index Option historical Chart?

Providing longer Intraday historical data for users is a great move form fyers.

Does fyers has any plan to introduce Historical option data for Nifty and Banknifty index as well? 

Index option is one of the most traded product yet as the option expired the whole contract got deleted from the system, we can’t plot the chart after the expiry even If we want to see, to identify mistake or oppurtunity or just to see how it played!

Capturing and storing the streaming data and providing user to plot it will not incure any extra cost for fyers as well.

As being the largest trading instrument, it will be very helpful if we can plot expired option chart selecting expiry from drop down menu. Like shown in the Image below.

Any  future possibility? FYERS Tejas Khoday  @Fyers@123 Vanshika Singh  Yashas Khoday 

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