Tech glitches in Fyers Web

Have been witnessing a lot of tech glitches . i think no need to mention as all of those are being experienced by all of us here in community forum as well as those who don't raise their voice here.

it's disappointing that Fyers don't give attention to those things neither do a simple QA of new launches nor existing featues. I am not sure why they say they are more tech oriented company .


i am going to withdraw my small funds there and looks like no feaibility one can trade here on Fyers. i realized better way of doing trades is look charts on tradingview and punch the orders somewhere else . Fyers even lag in punching orders. if you take 1+ trades in one script all prices ( average/entry as messed up ).

good luck to fyers team with their buggy product hope they will sense someday and work to fix the things. 

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