Your following returning some strange keys for orderNumStatus fyers.orderbook() now returns following entries all of a sudden since this week! {'clientId': 'xxxxxx', 'id': '23011200027651', 'exchOrdId': '1100000080310710', 'qty': 50, 'remainingQuantity': 50, 'filledQty': 0, 'discloseQty': 0, 'limitPrice': 48, 'stopPrice': 76, 'tradedPrice': 0, 'type': 4, 'fyToken': '101123011249702', 'exchange': 10, 'segment': 11, 'symbol': 'NSE:NIFTY2311217900PE', 'instrument': 14, 'message': '', 'offlineOrder': False, 'orderDateTime': '12-Jan-2023 11:56:42', 'orderValidity': 'DAY', 'pan': 'AXOPS3388L', 'productType': 'MARGIN', 'side': -1, 'status': 1, 'source': 'W', 'dqQtyRem': 0, 'ordeNumStatus': '23011200027651:1', 'disclosedQty': 0} Look at the bolded json key carefully! It was orderNumStatus (r is missing above) How can you change the api response all of a sudden! How can the character from api response key is eaten all of a sudden ? Are you still expecting us to use your apis?

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