I am happy to inform the esteemed forum members that we have integrate the Fyers API with our application, ArthaChitra, a trading and charting platform. ArthaChitra specializes in order routing and offers a host of user-friendly features including:

  • Advanced charting.
  • Trade directly from charts or the DOM/Price Ladder.
  • Modify orders using drag and drop operations.
  • Real-time market scanner.
  • Reusable order templates for bracket and cover orders.
  • Place basket orders at a click of a button including bracket and cover orders.
  • SharpScript, a C# based scripting language lets you build indicators, bar types, chart objects etc.
  • Multi-threaded architecture providing unparallal resposiveness and stability.

To know more about ArthaChitra please refer to our website. In case you have any further queries feel free to jot it down or send a note to support[at]arthachitra[dot]com

** As of now the Fyers API does not provides real-time or historical data. We support both TrueData and Global Datafeeds and you can subscribe to them for your data needs.

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