Upfront margin benefit for hedged positions - Is this removed now?

I am trying to enter this position on BankNifty Dec 31 options series.

  • Buy 250 30000 CE
  • Buy 500 32000 CE
  • Sell 750 32500 CE

I have entered the buy options first and later tried to sell the sell options leg. It is asking me for full margin. System is not giving margin benefit for the hedged position upfront.

Margin required as per the calculator is 10.7L (screenshot attached). System is asking for 38L margin, which is the full amount. This is a hedged position, where I have bought the hedges upfront.

Tejas Khoday Yashas Khoday Sounder Rajan G S your system is really messing up big time last 2 days. Customer care people do not know what they are talking. And I have also raised a ticket. I sincerely urge one of you guys to respond.


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